Listening + Communicate: What I’ve learned in the last decade working with People.

Listen more and talk less.

Would you be realistic and try to account for how many people who actively listen have you had the opportunity and privilege to work with? Not many, I can assure you.

We live in a world where talking, giving opinions and arguing all the time sounds more important, even if you don’t have much to add at that moment or on a certain subject, than stay at your place.

The value of being heard at any cost seems much greater than listening than paying attention. It’s like we’re constantly on a poorly tuned radio, where more than one station is playing simultaneously — I wonder whether millennials will understand what I’m talking about it’s messed up!

Click here to watch the 3 minutes video.

Well, there is a connection between listening and communication.

Years ago, I was overwhelmed at work — just another day at the office. Both my box email and my hangouts kept on notifying me for a long time. Being the focal point to clarify employee doubts was a fundamental part of my tasks. Still, I continued to ignore the notifications, as nothing was more important than finishing my activities in those days. I would answer the employees as soon as I had a tiny free time. I knew it; they didn’t.

We don’t have to talk and give an opinion about everything all the time. Just try the test of turning off the poorly tuned radio tuned and leaving behind the spotlight obligation. I guarantee that you will not regret it.



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Hello, Isa!

Hello, Isa!


Recifense, cientista social de formação, crítica da vida que adora bater papo e refletir sobre o refletir, morando na Holanda há 2 anos.